Public Meetings/Agendas

Agency meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Meiners Oaks Water District Office, 202 W. El Roblar Drive, Ojai, CA 93023. Public attendance is welcomed. Agendas with agenda packets are listed below 72 hours or more before the meeting.

If you would like to be placed on our email notification list, please send an email to If you have questions about the meeting or if you require special accommodations for attendance at or participation in this meeting, please notify our office 24 hours in advance at (805) 646-2114 (Govt. Code Section 94594.1 and 94594.2 (a)).

Upcoming Board of Directors / Committee Meetings

**Please note: Per CA Executive Order N-29-20, Section 3, MOWD will be hosting the Regular Board Meeting via teleconference.**


Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet, or smartphone: 

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The next Regular Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for December 15, 2020.

Past Board of Directors / Committee Meetings

07-01-2016 Drought Committee Meeting Agenda

07-13-2016 Drought Committee Meeting Agenda

07-19-2016 Regular Meeting Agenda

07-28-2016 Budget Committee Meeting Agenda

08-04-2016 Drought Committee Meeting Agenda

08-16-2016 Regular Meeting Agenda

08-22-2016 Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

09-20-2016-Regular Meeting Agenda

10-10-2016 Drought Committee Meeting Agenda

10-18-2016-Regular Meeting Agenda

10-28-2016 Drought Committee Meeting Agenda

11-07-2016 Drought Committee Meeting Agenda

12-07-2016 Drought Committee Meeting Agenda

11-15-2016 Regular Meeting Agenda

12-20-2016 Regular Meeting Agenda

01-10-2017 Drought Committee Meeting Agenda

01-17-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda

02-21-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda

03-21-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda

04-18-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda

05-16-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda

06-20-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda

07-18-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda

08-15-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda

09-19-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda Part 1

09-19-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda Part 2

09-19-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda Part 3

09-19-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda Part 4

10-17-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda Part 1

10-17-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda Part 2

10-17-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda Part 3

10-17-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda Part 4

10-17-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda Part 5

11-02-2017 Drought Committee Meeting Agenda

11-07-2017 Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

11-21-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda

12-13-2017 Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

12-19-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda

01-05-2018 Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

01-16-2018 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

01-24-2018 Special Meeting Agenda

02-20-2018 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

03-20-2018 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

03-23-2018 Drought Committee Meeting Agenda

04-11-2018 Committee Meeting Agenda

04-17-2018 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

05-15-2018 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

06-19-2018 Regular Meeting Packet

06-27-2018 Special Meeting Agenda

07-17-2018 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

08-08-2018 Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

08-21-2018 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

09-18-2018 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

10-01-2018 Drought Committee Agenda

10-03-2018 Ad-Hoc Policy Committee Agenda

10-12-2018 Ad-Hoc Policy Committee Agenda

10-16-2018 Regular Meeting Agenda

10-16-2018 Regular Board Meeting Agenda v2 

10-22-2018 Drought Committee Agenda

11-19-2018 Regular Board Agenda

11-19-2018 Regular Board Agenda Revised

12-3-2018 Special Board Meeting Agenda

12-18-2018 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

10-25-2019 Executive & Emergency Preparedness Committee Agenda

11-19-2019 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

Additional Information for item 5 (b) 12-18-2018 regular meeting

Email Correspondence VOC

01-11-2019 Drought Committee Meeting Agenda

01-15-2019 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

01-23-2019 Rate Committee Meeting Agenda

02-06-2019 Rate Committee Meeting Agenda

02-11-2019 Budget Committee Meeting Agenda

02-19-2019 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

02-21-2019 Special Meeting Agenda

Executive Personnel Ad-Hoc Committee Agenda 03082019

03-12-2019 Budget Committee Agenda

05312019 Budget Committee Agenda

03-19-2019 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

04-16-2019 Regular Meeting Agenda

05-21- 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda

06-18-2019 Regular Meeting Packet

03-20-2019 Ad-Hoc Expansion of Services Committee Agenda – Revised

Emergency Preparedness Committee Agenda 072419

07-16-2019 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

08-20-2019 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

09-17-2019 Regular Board Meeting Agenda


12-4-2019 Expansion of Services Committee Agenda

12-6-2019 Special Meeting Agenda

12-11-2019 Special Meeting Agenda v2

12-17-2019 Drought Committee Agenda

12-17-2019 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

12-23-2019 Special Meeting Agenda

1-21-2020 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

01-09-2020 Executive Committee Agenda

01-21-2020 Regular Meeting Agenda

02-10-2020 Budget Rate and Exp of Services Committee Agenda

02-14-2020 Special Meeting Agenda

02-17-2020 Committee Meeting Agenda

02-18-2020 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

02-18-2020 Regular Board Meeting – New Allocation Program Presentation

03-11-2020 Rate and Exp of Services & New Meters Committee Agenda

03-17-2020 Regular Board Meeting Cancellation Notice

03-24-2020 Regular Board Meeting Agenda REVISED-via teleconference

04-02-2020 Special Board Meeting Agenda

04-21-2020 Regular Board Meeting Agenda Packet

05-19-2020 Regular Board Meeting Packet (Revised 5/15/20)

05-292020 Ad-Hoc Staff Procedures Committee Agenda

Ad-Hoc Staff Procedures Committee Agenda 06-05-2020

06-10-2020 Budget Committee Agenda

06-15-2020 Ad-Hoc Staff Procedures Committee Agenda

06-16-2020 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

07-02-2020 Ad-Hoc Staff Procedures Committee Agenda

07-21-2020 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

08-18-2020 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

Ad-Hoc Staff Procedures Committee Agenda 07-31-2020

08-21-2020 Special Board Agenda Packet

09-15-2020 Regular Agenda Packet

09-22-2020 Special Board Meeting Agenda Packet

10-20-2020 Regular Board Agenda Packet

11-17-2020 Regular Meeting Agenda Packet

Approved Minutes of Past Board of Directors / Committee Meetings

07-01/13-16 Drought Committee Meeting Minutes

07-19-16 Meeting Minutes

07-28-16 Budget and Rate Meeting Minutes

There are no Drought Committee Meeting minutes for 8/4/16 due to no new information was discussed.

08-16-16 Regular Meeting Minutes

09-20-16 Regular Meeting Minutes

10-10-16 Drought Committee Meeting Minutes

10-18-16 Regular Meeting Minutes

11-07-16 Drought Committee Meeting Minutes

11-15-2016 Regular Meeting Minutes

11-22, 12-6 & 12-7 Drought Committee Meeting Minutes

12-20-16 Regular Meeting Minutes

01-17-16 Regular Meeting Minutes

02-01-2017 Drought Committee Minutes

02-21-2017 Regular Meeting Minutes

03-21-17 Regular Meeting Minutes

04-18-17 Regular Meeting Minutes

05-16-17 Regular Meeting Minutes

06-20-17 Regular Meeting Minutes

07-18-17 Regular Meeting Minutes

08-15-2017 Regular Meeting Minutes

09-19-17 Regular Meeting Minutes

10-17-17 Regular Meeting Minutes

11-21-17 Regular meeting minutes

12-19-17 Regular meeting minutes

1-16-18 Regular meeting minutes

2-20-18 Regular meeting minutes

3-20-18 Regular meeting minutes

4-17-18 Regular meeting minutes

5-15-18 Regular meeting minutes

6-19-18 Regular meeting minutes

7-17-18 Regular Meeting Minutes

8-21-18 Regular Meeting Minutes

9-18-18 Regular Meeting Minutes

10-16-18 Regular Meeting Minutes

11-19-18 Regular Meeting Minutes

12-3-18 Special Meeting Minutes

12-18-18 Regular Meeting Minutes

1-18-19 Regular Meeting Minutes

2-19-19 Regular Meeting Minutes

3-19-19 Regular Meeting Minutes

4-16-19 Regular Meeting Minutes

5-21-19 Regular Meeting Minutes

6-18-19 Regular Meeting Minutes

7-16-19 Regular Meeting Minutes

8-20-19 Regular Meeting Minutes

9-17-19 Regular Meeting Minutes

10-15-19 Regular Meeting Minutes

11-19-19 Regular Meeting Minutes

12-11-19 Special Board Meeting Minutes

12-17-19 Regular Meeting Minutes

12-23-19 Special Board Meeting Minutes

1-21-20 Regular Meeting Minutes

2-18-20 Regular Meeting Minutes

3-24-20 Regular Meeting Minutes

4-2-20 Special Meeting Minutes

4-21-20 Regular Meeting Minutes

04-29-2020 Budget Rate Committee Minutes

5-19-20 Regular Meeting Minutes

6-16-20 Regular Meeting Minutes

7-21-20 Regular Meeting Minutes

8-18-20 Regular Meeting Minutes

8-21-20 Special Meeting Minutes

9-15-20 Regular Meeting Minutes

9-22-20 Special Meeting Minutes

10-20-20 Regular Meeting Minutes

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