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Casitas Lake Level

Low Point (12-1-2022): 29.8%

Ventura County Rainfall Totals:

Upcoming Grants Committee Meeting

Thursday, February 2, 2023 at 1:00 pm

Grants Committee Agenda Packet 02-02-2023

Upcoming Ad Hoc Treatment Plant Meeting

Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 10:00 am

Ad Hoc Tx Plant Committee Agenda Packet 2-7-2023

Please be aware that 100% of the District is on Casitas water, as of 9/5/2022. The MOWD wells can no longer keep up with demand. The District will switch back to MOWD wells as soon as we are able.


2022 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report Now Available (2021 Data)

Meiners Oaks Water District’s Annual Consumer Confidence Reports are now available online. If you would like a copy of the report(s) mailed to you, please call (805) 646-2114. If you have questions about your water sources or water quality issues, please contact General Manager, Justin Martinez at (805) 646-2114.

MOWD: CCR 2021

Casitas (Backup Supplier): CMWD 2022 Report (2021 Data)_Lake MMW

Financial Assistance Programs

    • California Low Income Household Water Assistance Program:
      • What is LIHWAP? LIHWAP offers a one-time payment to help you pay your past due water or wastewater bills accrued during any timeframe. The size of a benefit can vary depending on the past due balance of the household’s residential water and wastewater bills. In addition, program participation is limited to households receiving services from water and wastewater providers enrolled in LIHWAP to receive the payment of assistance benefits (MOWD is enrolled). Households that qualify for LIHWAP could reduce their water or wastewater charges, by up to $2,000.
      • How is LIHWAP funded? LIHWAP is funded by the federal government and administered by the CA Department of Community Services and Development. CSD works with local community-based service providers to help low-income households pay down their outstanding water and wastewater utility bills.
      • When can I apply? Eligible households with past due residential water or wastewater bills can begin applying for LIHWAP assistance in June 2022. The program is scheduled to end in August 2023.
      • How do I apply? Households can apply for LIHWAP assistance through a local LIHWAP service provider. Eligibility for LIHWAP services can vary depending on income, water system participation (MOWD is an approved utility provider), place of residence, and other factors. Households whose utility payments are included in their rent may also be eligible for LIHWAP. Contact your local LIHWAP service provider to learn more about how to apply.
      • MOWD local LIHWAP service provider: Community Action of Ventura County, Inc., Maria Ramirez, HEAP Manager. (805) 436-4025 or
    • California Arrearage Payment Program, administered by California Department of Community Services and Development:
    • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, administered by California Department of Community Services and Development:
    • California COVID-19 Rent Relief, administered by Consumer Services and Housing Agency:
    • Casitas Municipal Water District Rebates for MOWD Customers:


Allocation Program Update

The New Allocation Program is now active, as of the December 31, 2021 bill cycle. Residential customers monthly allocations reflect seasonal variation. Commercial and Agriculture customers annual allocations (July – June) have been prorated for this initial year for (December 2021 – June 2022), monthly running usage will be included on each monthly bill statement.

To request a copy of your allocations please email:


CA Executive Order Prohibiting Water Shut-off for Non-Payment ended December, 31, 2021.

This Executive Order originally issued March 2020 prohibited shutting off water service for non-payment. The  CA Governor has extended the moratorium via SB 155, through December 31, 2021.

LATE FEES REINSTATED AS OF MARCH 26, 2022: Past due balances will have a 25% late fee applied to the balance if payment is not received by the 25th. If you have a delinquent water bill over 2 months old and over $200, please contact the District Office to set up a payment arrangement (up to 12 installments) to avoid water shut-off.

Click here to review Executive Order 42-20 and SB 155

You may call 805-646-2114 or email:



Due to increased water demands, the District had to turn on its connection to Casitas Municipal Water District (9/29/2020) to supplement the groundwater supply pumped from our wells.

We are still in a Stage 3 Drought, we are noticing increased water consumption during the daytime hours.

Reminder to not irrigate between 10 am – 6 pm.


Ventura River Watershed Adjudication


Online Bill Pay Available Now!

Ways to Register:

(Please note that our secure Merchant Services Provider, Global Payments Direct, Inc., charges a $1.25/online transaction convenience processing fee, fee going up to $2.00 in February 2023)

  1. Right above here find “Quick Links,” go to “Pay Bill”, click on link. You will be redirected to our secure payment portal.
  2. Go directly to our secure payment portal at:


Southern CA Edison Public Safety Power Shut-Off Notifications

What happens to your M.O.W. D. water during a power outage


Winter Rainfall Totals



Stage 3 Mandatory & Voluntary Water Use Restrictions

Click for the Water Shortage Drought Resolution and Fines for improper use of water



We are committed to serving you and request business be conducted online or by phone.


During Normal Hours:

805-646-2114   (Payments/General Questions/Water Emergencies)

After-Hours Emergencies:

Rotating On-Call: (District voicemail will provide which Field Operator is currently On-Call)

805-297-7241 (Levi, Field Supervisor)

805-297-6587 (Michael)


General Manager, Justin Martinez:

Assistant General Manger & Board Secretary, Summer:

Accounts Payable & Payroll, Brandi:

Administrative Clerk, Leslie:


Mail payments via US Postal Service

Online at

By phone (Debit/Credit Cards only)

Office Door Payment Dropbox – Put payment in an envelope with account and/or address.

If paying CASH, please clearly mark the amount you enclosed and a cash receipt will be mailed to you the following business day.


MOWD Enterprise Catalog 2022


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