Meiners Oaks Water District

Policies, Procedures, Resolutions & Ordinances

Policies & Procedures

MOWD Water Shortage Contingency Plan

MOWD Bylaws 2023

F-002 Purchasing Goods & Services Policy – 2023

New Meters and Expansion of Services Policy Revised 6-20-2023

Fraud Prevention & Detection Policy

Allocation Program 2020

Drought Contingency Plan

Policy for Water Service & Fee Schedule Resolution 20220719-2

Resolutions & Ordinances

Audit Resolution 20240319

Resolution 20230620 Water Shortage Contingency Plan

Budget Resolution 20230620-1

Bylaws Resolution 20230221

Resolution 20230516 Stage 1 Conditions for All MOWD Customers

Audit Resolution 20230516-1

Resolution 20221115 AB361- Brown Act Remote Meetings During a State of Emergency (Subsequent)

Audit Resolution 20220816-1

Establishing Water Rates 2022-25 Resolution 20220719-1

Establishing Capital Connection Charges for New Service Connections and Private Fire Flow Services Resolution 2012-4-1

Conflict of Interest Code Resolution 20220719-3

DWR Small Community Drought Relief Program Resolution 20220719-3

Director Compensation Ordinance 22-01-18

VRIF 2 Grant Planning Project Resolution 20220118-2

UVRGA Director and Alternate for 22-24 Resolution 20220118-1

Customer Disconnections Resolution 20200317-1 

Drought Resolution 2013

District Connection Policy with Casitas 2013

Adoption of the Drought Contingency Plan Resolution-No-20160816-1

Support Casitas’ Connection to State Water Resolution 20180417-1

Fiscal Audit 2016-2017 Resolution 20180417

Reserve Fund Policies Resolution 21908-1

Stage III Water Shortage Declaration – Rescinded 5/16/2023

Declaration of Stage 3 Drought Conditions