Meiners Oaks Water District


CORONAVIRUS (COVID -19) Information and Resource Links

Meiners Oaks Water District (MOWD) is continually monitoring the COVID -19 outbreak and all related information that is currently being released to the public. MOWD holds one regular meeting a month, as well as different committee meetings. Due to increasing guidelines and recommendations from Local, State, and Federal authorities, further meetings of the board or committees may take place via teleconferencing, in accordance with California AB 361.

MOWD continues to disinfect and test your water at levels and intervals designated and outlined by the EPA and the Department of Water Resources. The water we deliver to your home remains safe to drink, bathe, etc. straight from the tap and continues to meet all State and Federal guidelines for quality purposes.

Please limit your contact with our office for as long as necessary and to pay your water bills remotely either by phone, online, by USPS mail, or other remote means. Please feel free to call us, or contact the district via email at or

All District day-to-day operations will continue as usual, and all District personnel will be available for all of your water needs.

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